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Welcome Autum


Are you looking for an economical lodging in Valencia? Are you looking for a hostel? Home Hostels Valencia provides you with the best lodge in Valencia during your visit to the town. You save money in lodging allowing you to enjoy  best your travel.

Valencia is the perfect city to visit in summertime, but when chilly is coming  and the trees are loosing its usual covers, the town is turning up with a no less attractive new spirit, so, there´s no need for weeping if the long sunbathes have gone, Valencia has non stop offers for you in autumn.

The temperatura in autumn varies between 15 to 21 oC ; you go shortsleeves in October and first days of November and depending on the weather forecast, maybe you find some people bathing in the beach  during Halloween.


5 Planns for autumn in Valencia

1– Museo de las Ciencias (Science Museum)

This well known and emblematic building host one of the most turistic attractions in the  city.Both, the content and the container ( we are talking of the huge building designed by Santiago Calatrava)  are worthwhile visisting.

The exhibition allows us to interact with scientific subjets and play games about Biology, Phisics or Astronomy.

Ask in our Reception Desk for your tickets.

2- Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia (Fine Arts Museum)

It was declares in 1962 Artistic and Historic Monument.

The Museum is placed reside the old bed of Turia River and next to the wide and leafy Jardines del Real  (Los Viveros)  The building with its noble appearance and framed by two robust towers was the old Seminary School of Saint Pius V.

The Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia is the most important picture museum in Valencia referring to old masters, being by its importance one of the main museums in Spain. With a collection of gotic panels from XIV and XV centuries but its best famous jewells are Velazquez´s self portrait and Pinturiggio´s Madonna with child and donor.


3– Outdoor Activities

In recent times a municipal new bike service called Valenciabici has been instaured with a modest ticket price of  less than 20 euros a week. Thanks to this you may use officials bikes to be collected in the  valenciabici oficial steps which are all over the city.More tha 200 bike stations are awaiting for you to run along the city in a healthy way.

The dried old bed of the river Turia is the largest park in the town, like a giant snake runs along Valencia and has all type of activities, fairs and little markets, sport fields,skaters places etc..

4– Going out for beers and snacks

Valencia is proud of being one of the feast spanish capital. Nocturnal life never ends. Beginning with a peaceful night and appearing at your room at 11 in the next morning,even after breakfast!

Valencian affability is known everywhere.Its citizens are extroverted people who enjoy meeting as well spanish as foreigners people, so making friends is going to be easier than you think.

The main zones for going out are:

–         El Carmen. The old district, with bars and cafes in each corner what doesn´t mean it is less attracktive. You´ll be seduced by the internacional and funny atmosphere.

–         Ruzafa. It was considered as an old neighbourhood, it is now the artistic and bohemian heart of valencia. Bars and women hairdressers´ mix up with the newest restaurants and discos for avant garders. Ruzafa has an special charm, a cosmopolitan but vintage atmosphere.

–         University Zone. The Blasco Ibáñez Avenue, placed in the valencian universities (UPV and UV) is the meca for young students and erasmus with its already famous “Thursdays” Thursdays that are Fridays and sometimes connecting the party till Sundays, except during exams time, being this a curious temporary desolated place.Ideal if you are looking for adjusted prices and young people.

5– Live Music

Valencia is one of the most musical cities in Spain, even the well known Berkley University has placed one of its sites in Valencia.Practically every 1 of 10 young people plays an instrument or plays in a band.

The musical life in the city is filled with good alternative bands that you can enjoy in:

Black Note (university zone) the best soul and jazz.

El Loco ( C/Erudito Orellana 12) In the very centre, next to tram. This place begun as a flamenco post but was succesful as a place for alternative rock and monologues. Don´t miss its programme guide!

WhaWha and Matisse (Cedro zone) this two places, just one beside the other compete in having the best pop and rock. Groups like Los Corizonas, Polock, Russian Red …play there. Don´t miss its agenda if you would listen to the most trendy music.