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valencia's albufera

Valencia’s Albufera – An natural experience next to the city.

valencia's albufera

Valencia’s albufera

¿Are you looking for a Hostel in Valencia? We offer you two hostels in Valencia placed in the heart of the old town next to the main attractions of the city. Home Hostels Valencia.

You can choose between different transport modes to reach the green oasis of Valencia. The company Bus Turístic Valencia offers a route to the park and a boat trip on the lake. The bus starts from Plaza dela Reina.Thepublic transport is an other easy and fast option to get there. You take the yellow bus with the number 190b that goes every hour from Gran Vía Germanies to the village El Palmar. The distance between Albufera and Valencia is as well ideal for sporty people. By bicycle you arrive at the park in about one and a half hour. Valencia has a lot of bike shops where you can rent a bicycle for your trip or they even offer you a day trip to Albufera. For the persons with good shoes there is as well the possibility to walk until the park.

The route you make until the village El Palmar is full of impresive nature, animals and traditions. First you go along the old riverbed that is now a lovely park and you will arrive to the city of arts and science. The river Turia has been divert around the city after the flood in the year 1957. The mayor of Valencia who learnt arquitecture founded the park Jardín del Turia in 1986 where is starting our route. Walking a long the park we pass trough different parts: the fountain with the orange trees, Gulliver’s Park for children and adults, sports places, etc. Arriving to the end of Turia we are at the city of arts and sciences which has been started building in 1994. The last building was finished in 2011 and it’s called Ágora. Some citizens say Ágora looks like a fish, others say the building looks like a worm that comes out of the ground; decide yourself on what this multispace reminds you. If you continue on the right side of this futuristic city you get to the Pinedo. You arrive to El Saler which is the first village in the natural park. A lot of valencian people enjoy there their beach day. It’s not too far away from the city but it’s in a natural and relaxed place. The dense forest behind the beach gives a misterious impression. The town still has the typical houses of Valencia’s Albufera with a triangular roof of straw. Let’s leave behind El Saler and we see the sluice gates of the lake. This sluice gates are the key of the very famous valencian Paella. Around the lake is the plantation of the valencian rice and opening the sluice gates the plantation gets flooded. Heading forward on our tour we arrive at the end of the lake where our destination El Palmar is. From there you can do a boad trip to experience the sweet water lake and its calm atmosphere. You can observe a fauna and animals that are unique in the Comunidad Valencia. During the winter thousends of birds are colonizing the park. Some examples are the seagull, heron, ducks, etc.

Some activities are a must: a swim or at least a visit at the beach of El Saler, a guided tour with the boat on the lake and eat a typicall Paella in one of the tradicional restaurants you find at along Albufera. The Paella is only made with the fresh ingredients that provides the natural park. The fresh vegetables from the garden, the rice of the plantation around the lake and the fresh meat provided by the farmers.