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Sangria Party Hôme Youth Hostel Valencia. Book Now

Sangria party for free in Hôme Youth Hostel Valencia

Sangria Party for Free. Every Saturday night come to enjoy our free sangria that we share with all our guests. You will have the opportunity to learn how to prepare this typical Spanish cocktail with us. Made with our secret recipe and tons of love from our Staff

Free dinner home youth hostel valencia book and enjoy

Free dinner in Hôme Youth Hostel Valencia. Book now

Free dinner in Hôme Youth Hostel Valencia. Book now in one of the most fun hostels in Valencia, near the Central Market of Valencia. Come to enjoy the daily free dinner that we offer to all our guests included with every booking. A delicious daily buffet dinner is waiting for you at Hôme Youth Hostel.


San Festival in Valencia

Do you have plans for Easter? We want to suggest you a cool plan that you cannot miss in Valencia from 17 to 19 April, the first edition of the SanSanFestival,  three days of concerts of indie pop and electronic music . Are you looking for a hostel for SanSan Festival[…]


Just one day left to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day in Valencia

Saint Valentine’s day is a very special date for lots of couples that love to celebrate this day but do you know the origin of this day? It is a traditional celebration of Anglo-Saxon countries that has been spreading worldwide and today is known as the Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day[…]

Beach Valencia

Valencia’s Beaches

The city of Valencia offers a maritime paradise that few cities in the world can offer. The beaches are mainly of fine golden sand that leads to a large influx of people, but because of the general width of about 150 yards from the promenade to the sea and several kilometers along the Mediterranean Sea, there is always enough space for everyone.

Horchata: Valencian Tiger Nut

Horchata is a drink, and its main ingridient is the tiger nut, a typicall tubercle of the valencian gardens. It’s the valencian drink par excellence. The ideal way to taste it, it’s on a terrace during summer time with a Fartón (a tipicall bun you dunk in the Horchata). Order the drink normal, with crushed ice or mixed.

What to visit in Valencia

What to visit in Valencia? Valencia is a bustling city on Spain’s warm, welcoming Mediterranean coastline. It is the third largest city in the country in terms of population (only Barcelona and Madrid are larger). Over the past few decades, a building boom has turned this once quiet coastal town[…]

Arenal Sound

All the Music Festivals in Valencia

In the summer, Valencia is synonymous with music festival. With the coming of the beach months, the music scene becomes an absolute protagonist in the Valencia region.