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Valencia Central Market

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The Central Market of Valencia (Mercado Central) has his origins in the Arabic periods of Valencia; anyhow you will see a modern architecture of the year 1914. It’s one of the most fascinating and genius places of Valencia. The central market is a sensorial experience. You will find it in the old town of the city, just next to the Hôme Hostel Valencia. See, smell, listen, and of course taste; your five senses will be revolutioned during your stroll through hundreds of little food market stands.

The Central Market is notable for its vitality, its freshness, its daily life. For these reasons, the Central Market is a must for travellers who want to feel the vital pulse of the city, for those who enjoy the social spectacle, unsweetened, of Valencia.

The “Cathedral of the Good Taste”

With over a thousand years of history, the Central Market of Valencia as we know it, sheltered under a sturdy iron roof, windows and domes, was opened in 1928. Its unique architectural structure and light spectacular modernist style has earned him the nickname the “Cathedral of the Good Taste”.

A space that exudes humanity

But beyond its architectural or historic value, the Central Market seduces all who visit it because it is a space that exudes humanity. The Central Market Square has a large, urban amphitheatre, a monument erected to support life, human contact.

Inside, the food is drawn from its status as a commercial product, and in contrast to a supermarket, what it sells doesn’t appeal because of its price or design of its label, but by its quality or the person who is behind the counter. Shopping becomes an exchange between people, not a cold business transaction, as if it was a romantic gesture, ancestral, almost a trip back in time and space. And that, today, is a luxury that is priceless.

Hostels next to Valencia Central Market

Home Youth Hostel and Home Backpackers Hostel, both low cost hostels of Home Hostels Valencia, are located in Valencia City Centre in Carmen Neighbourhood one of the most attractive and lively areas of Valencia old town. Home Youth Hostel, in particular, is a cheap hostel very close to the Plaza del Mercado, one of the key centres of the city, because there you can find both the symbolic and gothic building Silk Market and the Central Market, all in the center of the city.

Home Youth Hostel has an enviable location for those gourmet lovers because of the short walk to the Central Market where you can buy local produce, fresh, of high quality, and then cook in the kitchen of the hostel, whose space is open for use and free to all guests. Home Youth hostels is the perfect cozy and vintage accommodation next to Central Market like a Valencia Inn. This is a unique opportunity to develop traditional recipes with particular ingredients of the area, feeling with the stove in the kitchen of the hostel as if you were in your own home, spending less money and enjoying the culinary virtues of Spanish food.

Both Home Youth Hostel and Home Backpackers Hostel are two cheap hostels, located in the heart of Valencia, and designed for backpackers, students, Erasmus, daring and restless travellers… Both low cost hostels offer lockers in all rooms, all included in the price, plus free internet and WIFI, better and cheaper accommodation than a guesthouse in Valencia.

Home Youth Hostel and Home Backpackers Hostel are two clear examples that sleeping cheap in Valencia is possible. Budget accommodation, hostels centrally located with cheap beds and rooms where you can enjoy your stay in the city of Valencia.